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How To Get High-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

How To Get High-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is the best profession in the current time. Why?? Well, all you require to do is sit in the comfort of your home and write about the things you love. Who wouldn’t like that, right!!

But, getting a high paying freelance job is not easy. The world is full of freelancer content writers ready to attack the same job you are opting for. Hence, you should make sure that you embed quality in your content and follow innovative content development strategies to get an edge.

If you want to land a high paying freelance writing job, here are some proven ways and strategies to implement. Check them out!

1.   Decide on a particular niche

The first thing that you must do is find out the niche in which you want to or love to write.

Though some writers tend to work on all niches, they do not get a fat paycheck for that. Why? The reason is distributed attention. When you have knowledge about one topic, you automatically write top-notch content for that. And clients pay a butt load of money for such content than generic content. Hence, decide on a niche for a high paying freelance writing job.

2.   Start your own Blog

An online blog is a great magnet to attract clients. If you search online, many bloggers and content agencies have their blogs online. The key reason behind having an online blog is the extension of the scope of opportunities.

You can put your portfolio online and fetch content work. An online blog will get you more work than other methods, and you can even monetize it for making extra money.

3.   Indulge in Guest Blogging

Guest posting is an indirect way to get content work. Now, if you are professional in writing entertainment content, you can approach some authority entertainment news website for that.

Request them to accept your content for publishing on their website. Also, mention that you are not doing this for SEO but just want to add the article link to your portfolio. If it gets accepted, you will have an article on an authority website that will help you get high paying content jobs.

4.   Join Professional Facebook Groups

This is a must-do thing for you. The only reason for this is that Facebook is the largest social network. Moreover, the writer groups on Facebook have bloggers, niche marketers, Saas founders, and other clients that can offer you work.

Make sure that you mention your unmatched writing skills in your bio and post highly engaging posts. It will help clients in recognizing your skills.

5.   Cold Outreach

This method is by far the best method if done the right way. You need to drill deep to find the client’s info like email, contact, etc., and shoot them an impressive mail regarding your content writing services.

Make sure you do all your research before sending the mail, like finding out about the client’s website, pay rate, type of content, income, etc.

6.   Focus on Networking

All of the described ways will be in vain if you don’t have a network. Hence, it is essential to communicate with as many people as you want on Facebook, via mail, or any other medium. Make sure you communicate regularly with your clients and maintain a list of people you need to make a connection with on Facebook or LinkedIn.

7.   Master the Upwork Strategies

The last is having knowledge of Upwork strategies. It is better to opt for low pay projects at first and exceeding the client’s expectations. This will not only uplift your Upwork score but will also build an awesome track record of yours.

Specify your rate and niche clearly as specific niche related keywords attract more valuable projects than generic keywords.

Wrap Up!

When you have the correct tools in hand, it becomes easy and faster to finish your work. Similarly, with the right strategies in place, you can gear up your content freelancing career! I hope that you find this post helpful!

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