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Remote Freelance Editing Jobs: All You Need to Start

Remote Freelance Editing Jobs: All You Need to Start

What does an editor do?

An editor is responsible for selecting and arranging textual, photographic, visual, auditory, or cinematic content that will be used to deliver a message or information. They proofread the articles of different writers and ensure that it is properly structured, error-free, and readable.

Here we have provided you with insight into the functions of an editor and how you can get a job as an editor.

Duties of a freelance editor

There are several employment alternatives for those working remotely as editors. You may get hired to edit videos, blog pieces, or even technical white papers, depending on your interests. Proofreaders, remote editors, online editors, and copy editors, are common terms for experts in this profession.

If you have editing experience, you may be able to get employment as a medical editor, article editor, technical editor, fact-checking editor, legal editor, staff editor, developmental editor, book editor, picture editor, video editor, copy editor, and essay editor. Everything is dependent on your field of work.

Editors don’t limit themselves to one field, though. When considering an editor career path, you’ll need to be prepared to assist in a variety of ways, from editing marketing materials to revising product instructions and proofreading website writing. The many forms of edits you can choose to provide are listed below:

  • Proofreading

This is the last polish before a piece of writing is published. Proofreaders check documents for any lingering spelling, grammar, punctuation, and tense mistakes as well as consistency in the use of design elements like line breaks and page numbers.

  • Line editing in books

Clarifying the message the author intends to convey, improving dialogue and descriptions, and ensuring that the material’s reading level corresponds with the intended audience are all examples of how line editors work to improve the voice and tone of the author.

  • Structural editing

One of the most important aspects of a freelance online editor job is making sure that the writing is captivating and intelligible, as well as copy editing, is all included. Grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and consistency of style are all checked for in copy editing. In order to confirm that the information and figures given are true and reliable, it also entails looking up references.

How to be an editor

Learning to be an editor is a straightforward task. There are particular things that you need to do consistently to build the skill. To be able to edit, you need to be an avid reader to make it easier to spot errors in writing. You also need to manage time properly so that you don’t miss any deadlines. Furthermore, to be an editor, you must be able to write that content even better. As an editor, you need to have great writing skills to be able to identify areas where the writer could have done better. Finally, an editor must be good with the grammar of the language they edit in.

How to become an editor without a degree

To become an editor, you don’t need a degree, you simply need to get the necessary skills. A talented individual who is interested in becoming an editor can start the process even without a degree, yet possessing a related degree is essential for editing employment. Successful editors must understand how to produce quality material in addition to being competent readers. An editor must be able to communicate and get along with others because editing tasks mostly rely on languages.


If you want to know how to become an editor from home, you can simply start by editing random articles you find on the web, build a network and find a mentor to help guide you. Rather than spending long hours researching how to get a job as an editor you can go to remote job websites and check for entry-level jobs and also use professional social networks.

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