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How to Become a Freelance Writer

We’ve all experienced that feeling of “Being Lodged” at our jobs. And Freelance writing seems the perfect way out of it. However, there are specific questions that you need to ask yourself before starting this exceptional journey of freelance writing.

Firstly, How did I start my Freelancing Journey?

I started freelancing to get out of my “Parent Zone.” Initially, I made some huge blunders, but my love for content writing grew over time as I progressed in this journey. And within six months, I was a full-time freelance writer.

So, What is Freelance Writing?

The textbook definition of freelance writing is – a self-employed writer. You can also define a freelance writer as someone who works on multiple projects at once. On the internet, you can find a bunch of different freelance writers ranging from Freelance Blogger, Content Writer, Content Strategist, and Ghost Writer.

Different Types of Freelance Writing Services and Writing you can offer

Initially, I suggest you focus on your niche. And once you master that, you can venture around practicing different types of freelance writing services.

Blog writing is one of the most common projects in freelance writing. These blogs are usually around 700-4000 words, and once you build a flow of content, you may also see batches of such blogs.

The three main pillars of freelance writing are Blog writing, Article writing, and Site content. But as you grow your skills, you may also offer the following services:

  • Editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Management

In terms of writing, you have the option to write for web or print. However, we do suggest following the “web-only” rule, and once you have mastered the skill, you can go for print as well. Good examples of these can be Magazines post, eBooks, and White papers.

Finding your Perfect Client and Having your first Pay-day

Freelance writing is just like any other regular business. In the initial stages, finding clients can be a little tiresome. But once you build your trust and skill, you will find your preferred clients much more comfortable.

These clients can be publications, agencies, educational establishments, and even other fellow others. In terms of earning, you have the liberty to make according to your skill. Initially, we suggest you keep your rates low so that you can attract more clients.

This can be $5 for 500 words. You may also work for less than the mentioned figure, but that’s all part of the job.

How Do I Find Freelance Writing Jobs

The best part of becoming a freelance writer is that you find your work. And for your help, we have mentioned some tips that you can use to create a seamless workflow:

  • Master your Niche

The first and apparently the most challenging step is finding your niche. But once you know your strengths, you can easily attract clients that require work in your niche.

  • Create Samples to Build Portfolio

You need to show proof of your work. And adding samples to your portfolio seems the perfect way to do so.

  • Socialize with Freelance Writers

Enrolling in such groups where other Freelance writers socialize can be a great way to attract new prospects.

  • Start Pitching

To get work, you need to start pitching ASAP!